Teak Sandstone

Teak Sandstone is a beautiful yellow sandstone extracted from the Nagaur district in Rajasthan. It is also known as a teak stone and Khatu Stone. The stone has a huge fan base worldwide because of its wooden appearance. It comes with beautifully spread brown-colored veins throughout the yellow to light brown surface. The beautiful color variation, soothing appearance and remarkable durability make the stone stand apart from the crowd. The stone is non-slippery, easy to maintain and can handle temperature changes and moderate traffic. It can be beautifully combined with several other stones to create a style statement in any interior and exterior architecture. With normal care, Teak Sandstone can last long without losing its charm.


Shree Ganesh Stones holds a significant position in the global manufacturing and supply segment of Indian Natural Stones. We source the finest sandstones, marbles, granites, limestone and other products directly from the mines and process them in our factories with strict quality control. We offer Teak Sandstone tiles, slabs, blocks, countertops, monuments, sculptures, etc. throughout India and overseas. At present, our products are being exported to the USA, UK, Australia, Ireland, France, Spain, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and several other destinations. We are committed to providing the finest products at an affordable price with the assurance of the best customer care. For more details call us or email us.

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