Sandstone Pillars

Sandstone Pillars are not only the decorative pieces for any architecture but they also provide strong support to the building. Sandstone and other natural stone-made pillars have been considered traditionally a favorite for all types of constructions. Even in modern times, these pillars are preferred for enhancing visual appeal, adding a touch of luxury and providing a secure-support structure to the building.


Shree Ganesh Stones offers an amazing collection of Sandstone Pillars and decorative columns for homes, offices, temples, gardens, hotels, resorts and other properties. The premium hand picked stones are selected and hand-chiseled or finished through advanced laser machines to create these amazing pillars, balustrades and columns. We further offer the maximum customization as per your imagination and architectural requirement. Highly elaborated with details and carved for perfection the natural stone pillars can be demanded in sandstone, granite and marble options as well. We are exporting our products to the USA, UK, Australia, Ireland, France, Spain, Denmark and other countries.

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