Rainforest Brown Marble

Rainforest Brown Marble

Rainforest Brown Marble is an elegant and widely demanded Indian natural stone. The stone surface gives a tree-like appearance with a light to a medium shade of brown with an interwoven branch-like pattern of dark brown and an accent of off-white hues. Further recognized as Bidasar Brown Marble or Café Forest Marble it originated from quarries in Rajasthan, a western Indian state. This brown marble is appreciated by homeowners, architects, designers and construction companies for its ability to boost the surrounding with grace and aesthetics. It can be beautifully applied in countertops, wall capping, flooring, paving, fountains, pools, bathroom vanities, mosaic and ornamental usages. This can further be chosen from the leather, polished, hones, lepatora, antique, bush –hammered and brushed finishes. It is a high variation stone so while planning for larger construction projects, it must be ordered in a single order to ensure maximum consistency in design and appearance. If proper care is taken, rainforest brown can last for a life-long.


Shree Ganesh Stones are the reputed suppliers and exporters of the finest Rainforest Brown Marble slabs, countertops, tiles and blocks. We ensure consistent availability, quality assurance, timely delivery and competitive price to our clients. At present, we are exporting this astonishing marble and a huge range of other natural stones to the USA, UK and other worldwide destinations.

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