Hassan Green Granite Slabs

Hassan Green Granite Slabs are extracted from Siliguri mines located in Karnataka, South India. It has a medium-grained, dark green-gray color spread throughout the surface. Created by the magma of molten rock under intense pressure and mineral combination, the stone has a unique and incomparable appearance. This mid-level variation granite is further known as star green granite and holds remarkable scratch-resistant and high heat resistant properties. This dark green-colored feature-rich granite is highly demanded in Middle East countries. It is available in flamed, polished, hones, brushed, leather, bush-hammered and lepatora finishes. This beautiful stone can further be customized for size and thickness. The highly preferred product for countertops, this is also highly applied in flooring, paving, tabletops, wall cladding, and several other ideas.


Shree Ganesh Stones are providing high-quality Hassan Green Granite Slabs, tiles and countertops at a competitive price. We are engaged in manufacturing, selling and exporting this product in India and foreign destinations. Our satisfied customers from Turkey, Gulf Countries, Vietnam and other locations are completely satisfied with our quality, affordability and timely delivery.

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