Basalt Stones

Basalt Stone is an igneous or volcanic stone that has been applied in architecture for centuries. It usually comes in dark grey to black colors but can weather brown or red due to oxidation. The material offers the toughness and durability and color consistency and subtlety of limestone. The stone is easy to install and maintain and has remarkable resistance to acids, this makes it a suitable option for kitchen countertops. This feature-rich stone is also applied by homeowners, decorators, architects, builders and construction companies for making flooring, fireplaces, paving, steps and risers, poolside paving, landscaping, mosaic, ornamental applications and several other indoor and outdoor décor ideas. Basalt Stone can also be cut as a dimension stone and applied for monuments, durable art objects and several artistic usages.


Shree Ganesh Stones has a bestseller reputation in sourcing, processing and supply of premium Basalt Stone. We offer a great variety of Basalt Stone products in hand and machine finishes at a highly competitive price. We aim to provide the finest product, maximum customization, affordability and timely delivery of the shipments. Our marble, granite, sandstone and limestone products are being exported globally. For more detailed information call us or email us.

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