Purchase Sandstone Blocks For Constructing Beautiful Homes

Purchase Sandstone Blocks For Constructing Beautiful Homes

13 Feb, 2022 | Sandstone Blocks

Sandstone, which is also many times referred as arenite is widely used for varied construction work. It is also called the clastic sedimentary rock and is made of sand-sized minerals or rock grains. The two main minerals found in the sandstone are quartz and feldspar. Sandstone can be of any color like black, yellow, grey, pink, tan, white, brown etc.

Sandstone blocks are defined as the large pieces of stone that are chiseled to form tiles and slabs, which are used for constructing buildings, statues, fountains etc. These can also be finished to have a polished or calibrated look, or can be used with their natural unfinished look.

Resistant To Weathering: Most of the sandstones comprise of 60% to 70% of monocrystalline quartz grains and some also contain 100% quartz. The quartz is resistant to weathering and this is the reason why the buildings constructed with sandstone are very durable. The sandstone blocks, which have good amount of potassium are also very good as these are resistant to decomposition.

Easy to Carve: Sandstone is being used for construction since olden times and today also, it is a popular construction material. Since it is very soft, it can be easily carved. Sandstone has been used in both ancient and modern times to construct homes, temples and various other edifices. Owing to its supple properties it is also used to create ornamental fountains and to make sculpted replicas etc.

Hard: Sandstone is formed of very hard grains. The grains of the sandstone are used for making grindstones and hence are useful for grinding the grain such as gritesone. The hard grain of sandstone makes it apt for making durable structures.

Katni Grey Sandstone has many other advantages such as it is resistant to acids, thermal impact and alkalis. It has excellent compressive strength and is also known for having a very low absorption rate. Besides that it is also fireproof and non-slippery.

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